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Helping Carnal Christians Mature

The Apostle Paul’s Guide to Helping Carnal Christians Mature Healthy, Devoted Relationships Part 2 This title is part of: The Trowel Download PDF Related items: What to Do About “My Convictions” Healthy, Devoted Relationships A Revolution Without Dancing is a Revolution Not Worth Having No one would argue the “hopelessness” of it. Trying to bring […]

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The Most Celebrated Pagan Holiday

I know that many church goers are going to wonder why I would post an article that criticizes Easter. To be completely honest, I am tempted to just let it go, and not be the constant reminder, that we have gotten way off the narrow path, and that “Easter” and Christmas are just two clear […]

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The Shack Author Joins the Ranks of Those Who Deny Substitutionary Atonement

Category: * The Shack Source:  Editors at Lighthouse Trails In a recent radio interview, The Shack author, Paul Young, told the interviewer he did not hold to the traditional view of the atonement in that he does not believe Jesus Christ bore the punishment (i.e., penalty) for man’s sins when He died on the Cross […]

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What God Says About Water Baptism

What God Says About Water Baptism A Fresh Look… Download PDF Related items: “Re-baptism” It is unfortunate, yet undeniable, that the subject of water baptism has polarized and divided men for centuries. Unregenerate religious leaders and other “christians” have littered history with ungodly exploits in defense of their doctrines. Not uncommon are accounts of religious […]

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Baptism: A Further Perspective

“The Holy Spirit will lead you into all righteousness” are truthful words that should not be ignored. The subject of “baptism,” of which I have given very little thought over the years, has all of a sudden risen up in my spirit as something that needs attention. I decided to pursue this leading and see […]

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To “Preachers” and “Pastors” and “Authors” and “Music-Makers”

To “Preachers” and “Pastors” and “Authors” and “Music-Makers” For all of those in ivory towers, never spilling blood for a Down’s syndrome child, never wrestling for hours to help a relationship in turmoil (other than by some ridiculous “appointment” or “session”), never losing sleep for twenty consecutive nights praying, or seldom helping in setting captives […]