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Interview With Doug Pagitt of the Emergent Church

Over at CALL TO DISCERNMENT I came across the following YouTube  of Todd Friel interviewing Doug Padgitt of the Emerging Church. If it wasn’t so sad it would be hilarious. How can those guys really believe the things they preach. Watch the video and have a good laugh or cry or whatever. httpv://

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US Army View of PreMillennialism Strategic Implications of American Millennialism

I hesitate to post this in light of the fact that it has not been verified. I am not given to posting articles that promote conspiracy theories or alarmist type issues without proof. But, there are times when something has the ring of truth, especially in regard to the fulfillment of end time Biblical prophecy, […]

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Perry Noble as an Example of the Apostate Church

Following the demise of the Body of Christ over the last several years has a wearing effect. The things that are going on in the “Church” is beyond words and has on occasions left me with my face in my hands between outrage and hysteria.  Is it possible for “believers” to fall any further. When […]

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The World is About to Change Again, and Still No Repentance

There is all kinds of talk about “justice” these days: social justice, economic justice, and climate justice. These are all code words of this world to mean, as they have always meant to social engeneers who fashion themselves as the saviors of Planet Earth, oneness, ecumenicism, unity, harmony, one world government, Socialism, and Communism. The […]

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A Reply to: Vision and Vocation

I very much appreciate the replies I get on post here at Indy Watchman.  Lately I have received replies that have confirmed that the Lord is indeed using this web site to minister to and encourage His children in this late hour.  I too need encouragement, and the reciprocating effect of ministering to others is […]


Vision and Vocation

by T. Austin-Sparks Liberty Through Surrender ”Make me a captive, Lord, and then I shall be free.” The whole of Isaiah 53 is a wonderful exposition of this truth. Here is the suffering Servant of Jehovah. By His own consent He is taken into a many-sided captivity. He has emptied Himself to become obedient to […]