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Adversity in the Lord

This is something I put together awhile back, but has never found its way into the mailbox. As I was sitting at my desk I pulled it up and read it. It spoke to me very loudly; I’m not sure why? I’m not going through any particularly trying times at the moment. So, maybe it […]

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Haiti: A Follow-up Response

As to be expected, now that Pat Robertson has taken the lead many others are venturing to add their two cents worth and provide an innocuous account of what has happened. The Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas tries his hand at an answer, but fails to answer why God allows such extensive […]

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Haiti: A Response

Why shouldn’t the focus be on the sins of the Nation of Haiti? I am no fan of Pat Robertson and consider him a false prophet, but at least he ventured to place the emphasis where it belongs, on sin and judgment. Does this mean that Pat or myself hate these people and glory in […]


The Path of Apostasy

A Look At How the Modern Church Became Apostate Francis Schaeffer was prophetic in his view of the future, not because he added extra Biblical material to some make believe dream or vision, but because understood history and the Bible. He was able to place, along the path to apostasy, markers and signs, for wayfaring […]

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The Church Alive!

The Mystery Revealed I would like you to consider with me the state of the church in this generation. This is a serious matter—I speak of the church that our Jesus died to present to Himself as “a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but holy and without blemish,” “and […]

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Harold Camping proclaims the Lord’s return will be in May 21, 2011

JUDGMENT DAY THE END OF THE WORLD IS ALMOST HERE! HOLY GOD WILL BRING JUDGMENT DAY ON MAY 21, 2011 Harold Camping is a false prophet. He is prophesying, on his website, that God has told him that the Lord will return on May 21, 2011.  He has prophesied the return of the Lord another […]