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From the Berean Call

We can all become blinded to certain things for a multitude of reasons, and so I have been blinded on this thing of Freemasonry. I know that many are swept off their feet by every conspiracy theory that comes down the pike, but I am not.  I know for a fact that our nation is […]

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Brian Mclaren: Making a Case For Rob Bell

  Brian McLaren takes issue with the critics of Rob Bell. But, Brian recognizes that Rob is pushing the envelope with his not so disguised stand for universalism that he makes in his new book, Love Wins. Why else would Brian be “anticipating the baptism in hot water (or worse) that Rob Bell was about […]


This is Personal: Northwest Warriors Basketball

I do not normally put personal stuff on the site, but there are exceptions to every rule, especially where grandchildren are involved. I,m not a great sports fan, but I live in Indiana and so sometimes I do get a little squirrely in March during the Homeschool basketball playoffs. My grandson is a junior this […]

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What Color is Your Truth?

    part 1     What color is your truth?   Think for a moment of how many “truths,” there are said to exist…………O.K. times up. No one can possibly know how many! Did you come up with a number; did you even try? It could easily be said that there are as many […]

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Establishing the Fact Why is it that every "Christian" thinks he or she is going to go to Heaven? The Bible is very plain concerning the fact that that isn’t going to happen. Everyone who says "Lord, Lord" will not make it. But, it doesn’t matter, wherever you go, or who ever you talk to, […]