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Why We Need to Question The Roman Catholic Church Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Why We Need to Question The Roman Catholic Church

Doctrines of Deception: Is Rome Teaching the Truth?   Keith Green, who was saved along with his wife Melody, during the Jesus Movement of the 70’s, did more than just write great songs, he wrote the “Catholic Chronicles.” Keith, like so many others, was ill-advised to the idea of Catholics being un-saved, and accepted them […]

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Chuck Colson

  Was Chuck Colson a Christian? I don't know. You might ask, "is Billy Graham a Christian?" Again I don't know; but they are both alike in many ways, especially with their embracing of the Vatican. What we do know is that Chuck held to a Christianity that is fashionable today, and very much political […]

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  Kim, over at DiscernIt has re-posted an article from The Berean Call that speaks loudly as to the mindset and direction of IndyWatchman. Please take a read and see if you don't agree. Maybe we should try reading the Bible with our eyes open the next time around. Steve Blackwell _____________________________________________________________ [TBC: Here is […]