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"It’s Just War" – Should Christians Fight? Debate

On March 28, 2014, Anchor-Cross Publishing and Followers of the Way sponsored a debate on the subject of just war. We sought to bring leading thinkers together to discuss the issue in historic Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston. Speaking on behalf of just war were Dr. Peter Kreeft (professor of philosophy at Boston College) and […]


The Blossoming Disregard for Truth

I have never experienced a time in my life when there is such a blossoming disregard for truth, and specifically, religious and spiritual truth. Those institutions and organizations that once stood firm for, and promoted, truth, are blatantly turning their backs and discounting revealed Biblical truth for a mystical pretense embraced and propagated by the […]

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Violence and the Christian Heart

Violence is an issue that has created quite a lot of heat, but very little light amongst Christians. There is uncertainty and uneasiness when the question is brought up, and nearly always ends in a great display of patriotic fervor, excessive loyalty to one’s own point of view, or a prideful display of arrogance on […]