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A Look Inside Moral and Religious Duties

God, in all of His glory, rules supreme in every realm of existence, and is the ultimate Authority, and this fact is a truth, to which we do not sufficiently pay heed, either in our approach to issues and problems, or in our customary practice of living life. There are many Christian people who speak […]

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Pray For Peace

  I listened to Reba McEntire’s new song Pray For Peace that was shared with me on Facebook. I, of course, agree that there needs to be much prayer for peace in the world, but a peace that is not of this world. We will not likely ever see the kind of peace the world prays […]

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July 4th

Professed Christians have not only made war on each other, but have attempted to sanctify all the horrors and crimes of war by religious ceremonies. Not, indeed, the ceremonies of the bloody and revengeful religion of pagans, but the ceremonies of the benign and peaceful religion of Jesus Christ. – *Noah Worcester. True peacemakers – […]