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The Social Club and Society

The social club that many people belong to, known as the “Church,” has a few unwritten rules. The top rule and most important to remember, if you want to keep your membership active, is to never touch on the sins of other members, even incidentally. It is quite okay to enumerate the sins of those […]

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VIOLENCE! The primary Christian message in any age should be to respond to those things that are paramount at that particular time. In this era, that thing which is topmost, is violence: family violence, national violence, violence against the unborn, racial violence, and religious violence. The truth is that unregenerate man loves violence, his books, […]

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The Lesson of the Lamb

Christ’s example to us is richly illustrated, demonstrated, and exemplified by way of His many teachings and in His genius and spirit. He could have easily commanded armies and defeated every corrupt ruler and coercive power on earth, if it pleased Him. But He did not avail himself of such power. Christ yielded Himself, as […]

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If War was Right for Christians . . . ?

Upon the news that twenty one Christians were brutally slain by ISIS I thought about Jesus on His fateful day . . . . If war were right for Christians today, it would have been right for the apostles and even Christ himself. But, blessed be God, we are not left in darkness and doubt […]

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Phil Robertson’s Gospel of Death

Does Phil Robertson speak for the whole nation? Phil Robertson on Fox News with San Hannity: Phil says he is a Christian, but he cannot say he is following Jesus. At the 3:40 marker Phil says, what Christ would never say, “Convert them or kill them.” Would Jesus say that? NO! This is not […]

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Pray For Peace

  I listened to Reba McEntire’s new song Pray For Peace that was shared with me on Facebook. I, of course, agree that there needs to be much prayer for peace in the world, but a peace that is not of this world. We will not likely ever see the kind of peace the world prays […]

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Die Like A Man

What God asked, Abraham has done, he offered his only son. The story of the Bible is all about life, but the picture that is presented, over and over again, is all about death. There is a doorway to life; who can deny it, and it leads through narrow straits; can you see it? There […]

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Collusion of Conscience

col·lu·sion noun   1.secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, esp. in order to cheat or deceive others. A man can have a clear understand of what guilt and injustice are when it is presented to him in some immediate, stark, and vivid way, yet this same man remains completely ignorant and blind to a much […]

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The Struggle between Darkness and Light

Where are we to look for truth, in a smoking mountain, an earthquake, a hurricane, the explosive force of a blazing fire or the rising tide of a grand tsunami, a swarm of locust or a plague of disease, or the suffocating death of the Mosaic Law? Many of us have been lead to truth […]

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But This is Your Hour–When Darkness Reigns

Luke 22:53b When I completed the last articles I considered being finished with the idea of non-resistance as prescribed by Jesus. I left writing on the subject and thought I would pursue some new avenue thinking that I had exhausted the subject and that no one really wanted to hear any more on the matter, […]