Is War Evil?

What part of the human language can adequately express the ghastly horror in the eyes of that individual who sees the flash of death, an instant before his body falls bloody and broken, by a fellow human brother, even a Christian, so-called.

That evil embraces the whole nature of human existence upon this planet. How then, can a “Christian,” who holds in his hands a document, from God, the God of love, read in that same book the command to love and to die for that same person? How can they reconcile the principles of the Gospel of love with the practice of war and merciless slaughter? I can find no more evil tradition, with so-called Christians, than their binding with the godless, in a sewer, rehearsing the butchering of a fellow human being.

The really sad ending to this story is that these Christians just can’t see any differently. Satan truly has blinded the eyes of man, and is the deceiver of the WHOLE world.

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