def.: Noun: ‘me-lun,ko-lee, A feeling of thoughtful sadness.
Today as sit in my office watching the wind blow past my window, the snow having decided to slow life down, I slipped into a thoughtful sadness.

Filing through my past photos that I had put away for such a day as this, I came upon a gem that expressed my feelings exactly. Listening to Hauser’s “May It Be” I gave much thoughtfulness and care to my edits. A melancholy tree, bent by the many winds of life, on exhibit for a man with a camera, along a path in Zion National Park.

What beauty our God has provided for us, if we would only take the time to acknowledge His attention to detail, and know that He goes with us into our melancholy moods, as a Shephard from another Zion.

Today, too, is a blessing. Roads drifting closed, temperature dropping, mankind becoming immobile, but for the lover of God it is a time to slow down and become a little melancholy and lift our eyes to the snowy heavens and say thank you Lord for these times of sadness; these are also gifts of goodness. While the world slips into darkness take time today to recognize the Light that shines in every heart of every child of His; He has not deserted us to a forever melancholy sadness.

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