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Richard Abanes Reply

STEVE: I will continue to speak out against error, especially the error of those who are influencing vast numbers of the unwary.

RA: Please feel free to go through those links and outline for me the errors in Rick Warren’s teachings that I might see them. You specifically mention “the other accumulating support” regarding Warren’s:

“apostasy” – please prove by factual data

“theology” – please show in the above links where he is theologically flawed.



S: If what I said sounded rude, I make no apology, it is too late for that now.

RA: Please provide the scripture that details where it is acceptable as a Christian to be rude.



Mr Abanes ask that I “provide the scripture that details where it is acceptable as a Christian to be rude.” Need I teach the famed researcher that God’s ministers were often accused of being rude, with harsh speech, and lacked refinement? Why was John accused of having a devil and Paul of madness? Since the religious men who harassed John and Paul knew Scripture they had only one recourse, and that was to attack the preacher. Their stance on the truth caused them to be labeled as divisive and trouble makers, and rude; they had no respect for the Devil and his ways. If Mr Abanes rightly understood the fear of God he would not only be rude himself on occasions, but expect it from his own ministers. Need I remind him that it was the Lord that destroyed all of humanity in the flood; how rude was that? For a hundred and twenty years Noah preached to these people, in no uncertain terms, that they were dead men walking! Abanes’ god is an effeminate god of universal love and compromise, always begging, and weak. Are we to be cultured gentlemen when dealing with the error coming out of the Church today. As I said, it is too late for that now. When I read Tozer, or Spurgeon I don’t hear politeness, do you? When you read Joel, Amos, Jude, or Revelations do you hear the blast of horns or the sound of a flute? And, Jesus, those “eyes as flames” and that two edged sword coming from His mouth, I see rudeness there, what do you think that sword and fire represent? I served two years in Viet Nam ‘68 and ‘69 I know what war is about and I know what this Christian warfare is about, it is about dying; it is not about being a substitute grandfather, an organizer, entertainer, babysitter, or doing weddings. What the likes of Warren and his buddies are doing to the Church, (although others share the blame) is it any wonder that the Lord asked if there would be any faith on the Earth at all when He returned?

I will not apologize for being rude to Mr Abanes, but I will say that I am in good company with some of whom I do not deserve to share the stage. These that I speak of were uneducated, ignorant, uncultured, unrefined, course, rough, severe, tough, violent, and rude men, who had a real purpose, and it was not their own. There is a time and a season for all things, even rudeness.

As far as outlining for Mr Abanes all of Rick Warren’s errors, I will not do this. All the documentation is readily available to anyone, especially a trained journalistic researcher, on the internet. I would suggest that he spend the day reading at Lighthouse Trails website. If that isn’t enough there is only about a hundred other places he can get his information, if he is sincerely interested in finding the truth. But, unless there is a heart change in Mr Abanes I don’t think there will be anything there to convince him.

This is my reply to all of Mr Abanes petty complaints to smooth the road for his friend Mr Warren.

Steve Blackwell