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Someday Soon

Someday soon I’ll walk this peaceful garden,

Where showers come a refreshing mist.

The animals will tread calmly beside me,

God’s hand no longer to resist.

His mood will be my temper, quiet without need,

A presence close and serious, which the heart can only see.

A nature that gives life, to all He aims to please.

His breath sustaining everything, for all eternity.

My Longing seems forever, as time slips slowly past,

But the hunger is not of this world, where the flesh seeks its rest.

Men push and heave in envy, wanting what others have,

Living for the fiction, they ignore the thing that’s best.

The valley of peace awaits all, who see beyond the veil,

Who pass the word forward and share without regret,

Who open their hand in kindness and sooth the heated brow,

And spend their days communing, with brothers in distress.

Seek not this world’s illusions and images that lie,

In ease and entertainment, and things that tempt the eye.

There’s a curtain and an angel, on duty till we die,

Then all is seen clearly, and decisions realized.