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The Dirty Little SECRET that Christians do not want to Acknowledge

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What could that secret be? Well, it isn’t really a secret and can be seen openly in their conversations and even taught in their Churches, and celebrated each year with great fanfare, fireworks, and parades on The 4th of July. The secret is that they do not really love their enemies as prescribed by Jesus, and neither do they turn the cheek or show mercy. On this day Christians everywhere will celebrate the death, defeat, and demise of their enemies while swearing their allegiance to a flag, and to the anti-Christian truth that that flag stands for. The fireworks are a very graphic reminder that love of enemies has no place in the definition of national freedom.

For those who have personally been involved in the taking of life two things must happen: 1. they must be persuaded that what they did was a good and honorable thing, in which case they must live a lie, tout their memorabilia, and march in parades, or 2. They must enter the ranks of those who either commit suicide, take drugs to temper their mental anguish, or receive V.A. psychological treatment for PTSD.

For those who remain at home and act as cheerleaders, it is just more drama that they can’t live without. War movies, gang violence, and graphic news accounts all feed their fallen nature and lust for action.

So, when you watch or participate in all the hoopla that surrounds this 4th of July consider which god you are worshipping and which master you are following? And, for those who read their Bibles, think about those Israelites who demanded that Samuel tell God that He should give them a king like all the other nations. God’s response to Samuel, as he grieved for his nation, was, “Samuel, they have not rejected you, they have rejected Me from being their king.” So, today, Christians all across this nation celebrate the king they have chosen for themselves who is a king of death and not King Jesus who gives Life.