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Truth and its Consequences

global-persecution [1]

Are we, i.e. Christians, forever to consider with praise and respect, the technological proficiency of modern warfare, which channels the intellect to acquire the skill to murder on a mass scale? Are Christians to look with pleasure upon all the methods employed to mutilate mankind and to enable the work of destruction? Are Christian parents so blind that they would spoon feed their children television and technology that leads them to the Devil’s den? No!

I have witnessed the righteous principle of peace beginning to spread. Brothers and sisters across this land are beginning to learn that nothing can withstand the purpose of the Prince of Peace. They are thinking deeply that surely there must be something faulty and malfunctioning in our Christianity. And, knowing assuredly what Christ professed, they cannot continue to be quiet and lazy in such a cause as this. Read the New Testament just a little and how can you escape without understanding that that religion, established by the Lamb, is a religion of Peace.

Our Churches have been filled to the brim with deception and lies concerning the Christian’s place and duty in government and the armed forces. Ever since the time of Augustine and Constantine, in the fourth century, the once persecuted Church now elevated to a place of power and influence, positioned the Church as a force to be dealt with on the same level as the world, and this is a lie perpetuated by the Church itself through ignorant theologians and the universities.

But, praise be to God for His faithfulness that in these last days the light of truth is breaking through once again amongst those who are sincere and have the brand of the Spirit of Truth inscribed on their hearts. These few are that forward component that will light a torch that no man will be able to extinguish blazing a trail for many to follow. I long to see the day when Christians united in the spirit will stand together, not counting their live as anything, and proclaim with a singular voice the true Gospel of Peace. The price of such a proclamation will be costly but so worth the price to hear those wonderful words.

“Well Done Good and Faithful Servant”