Why All the Beauty?

Why All the Beauty?

Why do we experience all this beauty? Have you ever paused to consider why there is so much beauty in our world? Would evolution consider the healing effect on body and soul that beauty renders? Evolution may produce a mole or a wart, but a flower or a sunset has consideration for the one who would simply cast their gaze upon such a thing. Was all this beauty just the mistake of a random chance event?

In all of our attempts to communicate, is there any louder voice than a beautiful sunset or pretty flower, dripping with the dew of heaven, seemingly guiding us, to something beyond our seven senses? Evolution does not speak a word and invokes only ugly responses of vile disgust. Yet! our senses hear, taste, smell, see, touch, sense time and space, and perceive an otherness that evokes in us art, music, dance, and beckons us to look closer and to listen for the answer.

The Intelligence behind this beauty stands ready with an answer. If we would only bow, and submit to His gentle voice, which communicates through all of time, and in the beauty men overlook, and never stop to consider “Why all of this beauty?”

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